17 December 2008

Seriously Snowed In!

Double damn. Remembered the treats (but forgot the chocolate ...) and have lots of firewood and would feel snug as a bug if I hadn't suddenly remembered to turn off the water to all the outside taps. Finally got out there yesterday but it was too late - the taps are frozen in place and the hoses are full of water as well. Hope I don't get a lot of splits in those lines. Damn! Otherwise, the place is gorgeous and had a great walk to the mail boxes with young Sarah next door.
Denise Lagasse and I have been working on creating a new seed saving group (Sunshine Coast Seed Co-op) and hope this will run for many years. Would be great if more people could buy great seed locally. Lots to do on that front.
Also, am pushing things forward in terms of connecting lawyers with a farmer on Vancouver Island who is being challenged by the Vancouver Island Health gang. He's selling chickens. Off with his head! Managed to raise the $300 retainer and mailed it off this morning.
My new book "Invincible" is now finished and sitting in Grafix in Sechelt - another damn - it is my Christmas gift to family and I don't know how I'll get my hands on the finished copies without a real adventure. Maybe Friday.
Warmth and Safety and Buglike bevahiour all around!

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