22 December 2008

Lexi's First Visit to Meet my Family

Lexi's first day at home was a bit trying for her. She was so little and so scared that she slept up by my head all night long, she didn't move, didn't have to pee or made any kind of noise. I guess it was strange for her, trying to figure out what was going on and why she was not in that dreaded cage anymore!!! That was probably the easiest day of my life with her, now she is over 1 year old and a great dog!!! She is still learning but I see great things for her...she is smart most of the time except for trying to find the ball at the park, except for wanting to bring in a stick everytime we go out for a walk, except for her still not wanting to jump up in the car....oh right I did say she was smart didn't I??? Perhaps she has her owner trained very well.....

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