28 December 2008

Stand-by - Dec 28 - 12:08 PM

The AC flight to Portland was cancelled.

Grabbed my carry bag and got off the small engine plane and followed the rest of the sheep along the salt sprinkled path, through the corral and up a staircase that said restricted passage. We banged, banged and banged on that fateful door. Finally came down the same staircase and started to follow the exit signs.

No AC staff spotted.

The freshly let loose passengers continue to wander around like lost sheep -- baa baa -- having no idea of what do to. Finally we sort ourselves out.

Canadian Customs let me back in; wait for 30 minutes and pick up my checked bag, exit the luggage area and wave at people I don't know waiting for loved ones to arrive; grab the elevator and head for the AC ticket purchase line-up. Chat with the nice gay couple, the never ending chatty cathie and the "let's sue AC" woman who scarcastically asked if I was a Canadian when I suggested that sueing won't help (and why bother - talk about a waste of time and energy).

40 minutes later I have a confirmed seat on the 16:50 flight to Portland with a stand by at 13:10. Back through American Immigration and Customs, Security Clearance (I didn't get picked for the random check this time) and back into the Maple Leaf lounge (the best lounge group in North America for sure).

The gates are miles away (okay 15 minutes away). Time to go see if I am getting on the stand-by flight. If I do please, please, please get my checked bag onto that flight. I really don't want to go to the airport again!

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