06 January 2009

MANDATORY charges on renting a car from the Montreal Airport

I just booked a car at on of my favourite rental companies at the Montreal airport.
The rate sounded great - roughly $25 per day (and my credit card covers the insurances).

Taking a closer look at the extra charges:

Location surcharge (14.61%)  = $11.52
Tire Management fee ($2.81 per day) = $8.43
Vehicle Fee ($1.90 per day) = $5.70
Canada Province Tax (7.5%) = $6.78
GST Goods Service Tax (5%) = $3.94
Customer Facility Charge ($0.70 per day) = $2.10

So the rental charge is $73.14 but t
he total estimate comes out to $111.61
(and they do add the comments Total MANDATORY charges).

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