10 February 2009

Sushi Chew

I'm at the Vancouver airport - YVR - and I'm a little bored so I get food. Sushi sounds good. End up with a Bento Box - it is okay but as I eat the gyoza (spelling is off) I wonder if it has pork it in. I was hoping just for a vegetable one but the board didn't say one way or the other. The food was okay, it filled a spot but I would never order at that spot again - it was just too boring. And then look at the mess - a plastic tray, with a plastic lid, small containers for the sauces, I skipped the bag that they offered.

Worse yet the recyling options that they offer in the public food court area on the International side doesn't actually address the type of garbage that is generated at the YVR. Maybe someone should be thinking about that.
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