20 July 2009

Vancouver airport to downtown by bus

This is the first time in decades of travel that I have ever tried using
the Vancouver bus system.

This time I had no luggage so it was easy to try and attempt.

Leaving international arrivals I could see signs for public transit (but
one will notice the pricing board does not make mention of the bus). I
make it as far as the parking lot entrance when all signs disappear.

I hang a right and in about fifty paces I start seeing signs again. The
signs tell me that the bus goes to airport station and that I need to
transfer. The bus driver tells me that I transfer at the loop.

Sounds all confusing to me. The loop ends up being between the delta
hotel and the arthur bridge.

I am then told to catch the downtown bus at bay 1. I jump on the bus
after following a short unpaved path.

So far, so good and it cost $2.50 to get on. Traffic flow is steady and
we are making some stops but it should take no longer than 20 - 25 minutes.

Stops are announced and are flashed on a scrolling digital board.

Not sure if I agree with a bus driver who is keeping a cell phone to his
ear for a few blocks. As long as it is quick and essential but if he is
just yakking - forget it!

But he did pick up some folks and moved the bus forward ten feet or so
and then stopped and picked up three others. That was nice.

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