30 July 2009

Want to speak a new language? Lessons for free.

I spotted this website a couple of years ago and I was so excited about the thought of learning a new language.
I must confess - I do not have an ear for languages.
My belief is that it takes excellent memory skills and strong listening ability.
Two things that I'm not great at: math and singing.
I figure that math is good for the structure/memory and singing is good for making the right sounds
I've never been tested but I do believe that I'm tone deaf.

But I have this optimistic streak in me that says - yes, you too can overcome anything in your life.
Now I might be a tad old to learn a new language but heck I might live another 40 years.
I learn one new language or some phrases that is sure to help me somewhere along the journey.
Don't you think so?

I'm going to attempt French once again - did it in public school, skipped it in high school figuring that Latin would help me more; had a tutor in Belgium and tried language lessons at a French school in Vancouver.

Still I am at step one. Ever feel that way? It just hasn't sunk in yet.

I just signed up for the 12 week program of French.
It is free. It looks like fun. And I'm going to try and beat it into my brain once again.

And if you don't want French there is German, Spanish,  Italian, and many more.


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