19 September 2009

Every car rental person should walk in the customer's shoes

Once again I am dashing to the YYZ to get my Thrifty car returned on time and to catch my 3 AM flight. Often I will push it to the limit but I didn't want to chance it today - I was in Brampton and I wasn't quite sure where I was in relation to the airport.

I arrive at 1:58 - the flight is at 3:00 - so one hour in advance. Great.

There are four people at the Thrifty check in. It is Saturday and the return lot is dead quiet. No one acknowledges me pulling up. I turn off the ignition leaving the keys. I go and grab a cart and load my luggage cart up. I'm ready to go.

Finally one of them saunters over like they were going for a Sunday drive. Turns on the car. Checks the gas (yes it is full). Then advises me to go to the booth so he can print out a receipt.

I make mention that my flight is in less than an hour. And the young woman mentions that she has never been on a flight before. Maybe that is why they are soooooo slow today.

A simple exercise they could do: pull into the lot, unload 3 bags, a purse, a briefcase and other misc items. Do this from a car that is dark since the lighting at this facility sucks. Wait for service. Go through doors and find elevator. Take it to the 5th floor. Get out. Go through two double doors. Down a slanted hallway or via the moving sidewalk. Go through another set of doors and again a moving sidewalk. And finally the final set of double doors. Take the elevator and go stand in line. Good. The person is half way there. Get with the program will you??

Maybe then they could just show a tiny itty bit of interest in their job and try to understand that the customer that is deep breathing or tapping their toes or showing signs of impatient is really say - hey I need these extra 5 to 7 minutes could you please just do your job a little quicker.
Today it didn't matter. My flight is 20 minutes delayed.

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