17 September 2009

Opening on time counts when you are catching a train

First off when did Thrifty Car rental decide that you should open your business at 7:30 AM?
And you are located in a major train terminal?
How short sighted it that.

I was planning on returning my car to Thrifty at 7:00 AM to catch a 7:22 GO train to Ajax.
It was tricky to get into the parking lot underneath the train station - someone at City Hall has decided in poor wisdom to install 125 plus cameras and put in extra security measures such as asking to see your license when you are returning a rental car.  They certainly don't seem to be concerned when you can enter the exact same building via many other doors.

Big brother is watching.

Anyhow I get to Thrifty and I don't see a key drop box so I trudge down to their offices.
The darkened windows tell me that there is no one home.
Office opens at 7:30 AM.

I miss the train but lucky for me there is an express to Pickering at 7:43 AM which I plan to take.
My friend Heather will be able to pick me up from that station.
I purchase a ticket and then head back to the Thrifty office - it is now 7:34 and they aren't open.
Finally they arrive at 7:38 - I hand in keys, rental agreement and dash.

One thing about the GO train they run right on schedule.
At 7:43 AM we were pulling out of the station.
And this quick express train cost under $6 from Union to Pickering.
Great value, stress free, comfortable.

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