16 November 2009

Who trigged the fire alarm at the YVR??

After years and years of flying it always amuses me to learn about a new way that luggage can be delayed.
Today someone or something triggered the fire alarm.
With the Olympics less than 90 days away I'm sure are pleased this is happening now and now on day one of the Games.

So fire alarm is pulled and that equals shut downs.
This means that the luggage roundabout is not going around and around reuniting luggage with their owners.

It hasn't been to long for our flight AC 025 but it looks like the other 4 or 5 flights have been here for a bit.

There was just an announcement - they are going to try and unload the luggage manually starting with a Montreal flight.
That is kind of AC Baggage to attempt to do this. At least some people will get on their way soon.

I'm just thrilled that the internet is free at the YVR.
I have no where to go in a rush and since I have wireless I don't mind waiting for my luggage.

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