18 November 2009

Deal? Air Canada introduces Preferred seats for more legroom

I love the emails that I get offering something better - they make it sound like they are doing me a favour.

"At Air Canada, we're always looking for ways to improve your travel experience.
We've just introduced Preferred seats*, which allows you to choose seats with extra legroom for increased comfort.
Discover the difference a little more legroom can make"

So they are giving some flyers a little extra legroom.
What happens to us just every day flyers?
Do they sneak away an inch or two from the "cheap seats"
And in the past I had access to those seats without having to pay extra.

"Preferred seats refer to the bulkhead and exit row seats in Economy Class that offer added legroom.
These coveted seats are now available to all Air Canada and Jazz® customers for a fee that varies by fare option and destination."

Of course they are coveted - it is bad enough now that quite often you can't even open your laptop fully.
And goodness forbid that you actually drop something on the floor.
You need to be a cirque de soleil performer to pick it up.

"As an Elite® member, you'll enjoy complimentary access to Preferred seats with a Latitude fare option!"
Great I'm an elite member already - earned by a lot of short haul flights but always in the Tango Plus class. Have you looked at the Latitude fares? My clients would shot me.

You will also continue to enjoy your existing Top Tier Privilege, which offers you access to select rows in the front of the Economy Class cabin and is now referred to as Priority seat selection.

And I always wonder - do these people exist?
Is there really a Benjamin Smith, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Air Canada

Never an address, or a phone number or anyway to contact that person and say - No I don't like your office.

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