18 November 2009

Early October in Anaheim

The tin foiled wrap package lands on the purple formica table. The steam
and fresh smell of fresh corn tortillas escapes and gently burns my fingers.

I am facing a oval plate laden with beans (which I taste but I really do
not need to fart all day tomorrow), some mushy rice which I will skip as
the flavour doesn't do anything for me, a mixture os grilled chicken,
chunky pieces of onion re and green peppers that I laden onto the shells
and add the quacamole and salsa sauce.

The dish is garnished with a radish rose and a slice of orange. Stikes
me as funny.

Frankly I did not know what else to order off this working class menu.

Did get a dos equis xx which is thirst quenching.

In the background the jukebox is blaring out Mexican ballads

For some reason it reminds me of Finland.

The walls are decorated with bud light neon lights and other beer promo
pieces. As you walk in you have the coolers full of beer soft drinks
and water.

Overall decent value 12 for the fajitas 4.50 for beer salsa and chips
for free and bowl of guacamole for five. This is in Disneyland after all.

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