08 December 2009

What's being packed into your cosmetics?

We are all connected in the world from  what we put into our bodies, what our bodies are exposed to and what we willingly apply to our skin.

The funny thing is that you feel that you can trust all of the high priced items that are presented to you in beautiful over excessive packaging.
Hope all wrapped up, that surge of excitement that you feel thinking that the most current lipstick is going to make you have lips that are kissable and that wrinkle formula is really, really going to address those wrinkles (and little did you know that what you thought was a wrinkle in your 30s is nothing compared to the gutter line in your 40s - goodness only knows what the remaining years will bring on!)

I'm always trying to find ways to package my body, face and hair treatments into smaller and smaller containers - how much do I really need to pack? When I backpack it was a matter of elimination (how many dual purpose items can I find)  and for business travel it is a matter of space, weight and airline regulations.

As I get older and more questioning I want to know what is in my products. Ages ago I discovered www.cosmeticsdatabase.com - I like how they rate items, advise you if they don't have enough data, and tell you more/less safe products. As far as I can see it is free.

Two others that I have seen mentioned recently in The Epoch Times  include www.beautypedia.com (author of "Don't go the to Cosmetics Counter without Me" - subscription base of $24.95/yr) and www.safecosmetics.org (they have an area that compares US regulations to Canadian and European standards - that looks interesting).

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