14 December 2009

An urban blimp

A city's personality is showcased by its architect, its people, its shops, how roads and sidewalks are laid out, and by its advertising.

I just noticed the other day the billboard that is poking its head up at the end of Burrard Bridge heading towards Kits. In my brain I thought, great more advertising for the Olympics and I get to look at some ugly sign. My local metronews.ca had a quick piece on it - I know know that big, old trees were cut down for this concrete ugly sign, that it creates a barrier to enjoy the vista, and that it is actually erected by the Squamish First Nations. It is the first of six that will be erected in Vancouver, North Vancouver and along the Sea to Sky Highway.  Actually anytime I see a splash of ugly billboards along some street of road I immediately think it is native land. I don't care for it but people look and advertisers buy so it does give them revenue ugly as it all is. Three metres high by nine meters wide - Jim Pattison has its own sign company and does the same even though it is scattered across a much broader landscape.

What I really dislike: the electronic billboards (talk about a waste of energy) and those ones that have shutters that shuttle back and forth (talk about noise and energy waste). We live in a world of advertising that is getting more and more diluted. Another billboard, another ad flyer, another email blitz - come to think about it, it really wastes our energy!

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