15 December 2009

Baby Cut Carrots and Baba Ghanouj

It is mid week and I'm sitting down to a snack before I make dinner. I successfully avoided the pita chips and grabbed a one lb bag of Green Giant Fresh Baby Cut carrots. The bag tells me to use the my Dec 25 - it now Dec 15th. They are suppose to be kept refrigerated and they are washed (in what I wonder aside from water) and contain no preservatives. It is a USA bag as the spelling of flavourful is missing the U; they recycle symbol is 4 and the fruits & veggies matter more is the logo of USA based PMA.

For delicious recipes they suggest that I visit www.greengiantfresh.com

The whole packaged is produced by Wm Botlhouse Farms from Bakersfield, CA. They are also the contact for the toll free number listed on the bag. Green Giant Fresh i.e. Fresh Ideas from the Valley, Green Giant, Sprout are trademarks of General Mills.  So I'm not really sure who is giving me the freshness promise - the store I purchased it in, Bolthouse or Green Giant aka General Mills.

I'm eating my carrots with Summer Fresh Baba Ghanouj, which is a creamy roasted eggplant dip that is shipped all the way from Ontario into BC. I read that it is vegetarian (not vegan) and gluten free. It cost me $3 for the 227 g/8 oz plastic tub. The ingredients - grilled eggplant is first - that is exciting as that is what should be in this dip, then mayonnaise (hmm uses canola oil which, unless it is GMO free, I'm not crazy about), sour cream made with modified milk ingredients, guar gum, carrageenan, locust bean gum, sodium citrate, garlic puree, sea salt and and a few other things. Actually not a bad list of ingredients.  Good thing I didn't grab the pita chips - the calories in 2 tblsp is already 110! The calories from the 1 lb bag of carrots - which I have almost completely devoured - is around 175 calories. (Mathi is not my strong suit but there are 5 servings per bag and each serving is worth 35 calories.

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