18 January 2010

Som Tam Thailand

Decluttering means getting rid of stuff. And right now I'm tackling a huge pile of paper that has grown and grown over the years.

The problem is I get caught up in reading and then I jump on the internet and I read further.

Right now I'm just so wanting to have some som tam, a thai salad of shredded green papaya, fresh peanuts, dried shrimp, long beans, lime juices, tomatoes, fish sauce and spices.

Thailand was one of my first backpacking trips all on my own.
And in 1993 it was an exciting but scary trip.

I went there with my Lonely Planet guidebook and notes from my friend Sandy who had been there moons before me. 
And I went there before the the internet - it amazes me to think about how I used to travel.

It was an incredible trip and my taste buds were ignited in more way than I could imagine.

This article that I'm about to toss was written by Lisa Moricoli Latham in American West in June 2000.
And I googled the words Som Tam and the hints were immediate - the following link has a recipe that I want to try out later.
Beautiful colours and an easy to read recipe.


One day I might just start to scan some of my photos from that trip.
If simply to remind me of the excitement that I used to have when I returned from a trip and then waited for my photos.

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