18 January 2010

Some headlines to laugh at...

Okay I am really really trying to declutter.
I need a good friend right now, along with a bottle of wine, and I should have them just drop paper piles into the recycle bin for me.
I would be done in an hour or so I'm sure!
As it is I'm reviewing bits and pieces.

These headlines are from a 1999 issue of Glamour - why was I keeping them??

Sharing your randiest x-rated experiments (from ice cubes to Alka-Seltzer)
How do you tell him that you have a STD (one that you have or once had)
Is Oral sex "sex" (was this during the Clinton era?)
Can I injure myself using sex toys?
Lube alert
Silicone implants: a new study says they're safe, but are they really Ok?


Ah than a short piece on JKF Jr.s close shave - looks like King of Shaves Shaving Oil was it.
But we now all know what happened to JFK Jr. - gone. one close shave too many. sad.

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