08 March 2010

AC101 Toronto-T1 to Vancouver Electronic Boarding Pass

You got to be careful when you send your boarding pass to your smart phone (mine is a blackberry).

The tricky part for me is that while I can send and receive emails I do not have the wireless web access on my blackberry.

Why you might ask? Well I don't need to be connected 100% of the time for starters. It costs extra to be connected. And I'm already paying for cell phones, high speed internet access, office and home phones, cable TV and goodness knows what else. Okay I admit it - I'm also rather cheap or frugal or whatever you want to term me.

So I show up at the airline counter the other day in Toronto.
That is when I discover that I must retrieve my electronic boarding pass.
And that I might need to display this message to airport security. 

I now know that I must continue to do the web check-in and ask for a printed boarding pass as this method doesn't work for me.
It might work for you - good for you if it does.

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