08 March 2010

Enhanced Internet Access in the Maple Leaf Lounge - that's not true!

Oh great I got another email from Air Canada trying to tell me that they have enhanced my internet access.

What they really are telling me:
They don't trust me.
I'm not sure if this is going to be available to my guests when they come in.

I don't see a single new benefit for me in what they outlined below.  I do know that now I won't be able to stop at the Tim Horton's on the way out and pick up the lounge signal as I depart the airport in Toronto (now that would have been an enhanced benefit - let me check into the lounge when I arrive so I can be better prepped before I go grab my luggage).

Do you see any benefits that I'm missing out on?? And I have a rather complicated name so I know that I will have hassles with this service (it is bad enough when I try to change my reservations at Thriftys - and I won't do Budget (aside from one Toronto location where the people are lovely).

As a Elite member, you enjoy complimentary Internet access in the Maple Leaf Lounge when travelling on any Air Canada, Jazz® or Star Alliance™ flight.

The Maple Leaf Lounges in Canada now feature an enhanced wireless Internet connection. In order to access this complimentary enhanced connection you have to be properly registered at lounge reception desk, so please ensure you:

  • Always present your Air Canada Elite ID Card along with your Boarding Pass when checking into the Maple Leaf Lounge;
  • Access the Data Valet Internet sign-in page and provide your full name and flight number as it appears on your Boarding Pass when logging in on your computer.

We hope you make the most of both of these unique privileges and look forward to welcoming you on board.

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