11 March 2010

Moments to forget - Almost disaster on TV

It was one of those moments that I will never forget.
4:30 AM at Robson Square in downtown Vancouver by the skating rink.
The Olympics. Surreal early morning. I'm excited.
We've got a short TV segment set up by BC Agriculture Minister

Jeff, the host on CTV/Canada AM, adds all ingredients, including the blueberries, flax, yoghurt, etc,  to the blender.
Mixes it up with lots of noise.

The empty glass that should have been sitting there,
that I had moved moments before but didn't put back, was not there.

The glass that  he could have poured the freshly made drink into was gone.

Because I had spotted a spot on that glass
And wanted the spot gone but then  got off track.
So spot gone and glass gone.

Sitting on the counter is the show and tell drink.
The one that is just for looks.
The one that I had just made while squatting on the stage using the one outlet I could find.
And with seconds to spare had placed on the counter before they went live.
Jeff picks up the blueberry shake sitting on the counter.

Lifts it to his lips as Nanci the nutritionist talked. 
He pauses, glass to the lips.
He pulls the glass back.
Looks at in curiously.
He then slowly turned the glass upside down.
Gave it a gentle shake, still nothing came out.
Shake it harder. Still nothing.
The flax seed I had used had set it.
It was totally horrific and funny at the same time.
Nanci grabbed a spoon and that is how he tasted it.
The director loved it.
"Great TV!",  she exclaimed
And I survived.

(Okay maybe I won't get another project but I bet the ratings were high for that segment!)

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