14 April 2010

Canadian Direct Insurance - Renewals - Confirmation#

One has to be careful when they are dealing with insurance companies - for example Canadian Direct has what I feel is quite a deceptive process for renewing. When you go to renewal it doesn't make it clear that you won't be able to confirm your details, it doesn't allow you to make any comments, nor does it allow you to review your options but it gladly just take your credit card number and advises you that the job is done.

Love it - if I wanted that level of service and if I didn't care how much I was paying. Except I do want to know what I'm payng.

It has been over a year since I last looked at my policy and I feel very strongly that I should have been allowed to review my options so in LARGE BOLD type the web renewal page should advise that - you cannot make any changes to your policy. It will renew exactly as last year.  Call us. Got that. No changes. We won't even tell you what you are paying this year.  But let me charge your credit card. So call if you want to make changes.

Call me stupid or lazy or maybe I just didn't get the message on the renewal screen.
Someone in this company is not thinking about the customer.
And I know that I'm not the first one to complain about this given what the renewal agent told me.

So now I need to spend more time to sort this out...

I sit on hold dealing with too many recorded voices trying to get a real person.
(Tip: when they ask if you have had an accident press #1 for yes - then you get a real person).
I have already send a message via the website but I am still annoyed.

I do not like not knowing how much I am being charged for my insurance this year.
I am annoyed that I have not been given the option to review my options.
I have been on hold for almost 10 minutes.

The woman I just spoke to advised me that your company is aware of  the the hassle this automatic renewal gives to people.
I suggested that it should be bolder, bigger, brighter - whatever.   However she really didn't give a flying fart about what I thought or felt or that I was upset.  "It is all there on the website"

"The company is aware of this"

Right well maybe the savings I am getting makes it worthwhile for me to switch back to ICBC where at least I get mobile service and better insights into my policy.

It also makes me wonder what kind of hassle waits for me if and when I need to make a claim.

I don't feel comforted
that she is not going to pass this message on as "the company is aware of this".


On 14/04/2010 14:13, insurancegeneral@canadiandirect.com wrote:
Thank you for renewing your policy

Thank you for renewing your policy.  Please make a note of your confirmation number for your records.


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