14 April 2010

Brita Water Filters - cost a lot of money and then you toss into the garbage

I send this request to a reporter at one of our Vancouver based papers and thought I would post it here as well. Just never know who might have an answer!

I think I have given up but as a last shot I thought I would email you and ask.
I have several tired and worn out Brita pitcher filters.
And I thought for sure I could recycle them somewhere in the city.

First of: my blue bin - I can't see any numbers so don't think I can and I suspect that I need to remove the charcoal (and I will say that they seem kinda tough to open - I did not succeed).

Second: called the recycling hot line - no success. The very helpful lady thought they did in the States but not here (I am heading to Portland next week but I'm sure the hotel would not be happy if I passed it onto them)

Third: Seems that London Drugs takes back a lot - they sell the Brita - but I'm informed by a clerk at the Broadway Kits store that they do not take these back.

Fourth: Search the web - well I found a petition for them; discovered that they are owned by Clorox (who also picked up Burt's Bee) but still no luck.  http://fakeplasticfish.com/2008/01/take-back-brita-filter-campaign/ 

Fifth: Okay you are my last option as I have given this enough time and energy.

I figure that I have purchased my last Brita until  they change their habits. The filters are not inexpensive and there are plenty of other options for filtered water in the city (i.e Choices has some sort of reverse osmosis water system that is inexpensive i.e. 11 liters for less than $2.00 and I suppose Vancouver tap water must be fairly decent).

Thanks for reading. And looking forward to your reply should you write on water filters one of these days (oops I did not search that out maybe you already did that)!

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