19 May 2010

My heart aches for Bangkok

I totally feel useless with the current war zone scenario that has hit Thailand.

My first and only memories of Thailand was when I was there in 1993.
It was my first ever backpacking trip and it fills me to this day with warm memories.

What has taken place over the last 17 years to destroy these kind gentle folk?
What went wrong?
What is being protested?
Did we ruin them?
And by we I mean North American culture - greed, the spread of internet and tv channels, poverty?

And I sit here at my computer, listening to the CBC and I wonder if the Thailand of my memories is just that.
How so very very sad.

I don't think will never ever know how not to kill - not when governments continue to support the killing of people who are trying to say there is something wrong here.

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