26 May 2010

Waiting in line

Great little local joint that has been hanging out in Kits for a long, long time (long since I've been going there for at least 15 years). And I tell you that there simply aren't enough cozy neighbourhood pubs/bars around. Regal Beagle is one worth checking out - good solid breakfasts (and cheap I might add if you go for the daily special).

Often they crank the volume up so loud that you end of lip reading - it is one way to ensure that the 40+ crowd does not stay.

Have you ever noticed that only young people stand in line - as I approached my 40s I remember thinking that lines were becoming a thing of the past.  And now I only stand in them if I have a guaranteed ticket in hand.

And I don't wait for restaurants that don't take reservations unless they are taking care of me (for example at Vijs in Vancouver waiting is a pleasure as they always give you a calming little nibble or cup of tea or something that makes you feel like you are taking care of)

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