31 May 2010

Lower Limit on drinking

There has been a drop in how much alcohol one can drink before they are over the legal limit.
It has dropped from 0.08 to 0.05 in British Columbia.

Of course you might be wondering how many drinks you can have?
Quite often, for me, it isn't how many drinks can I have but rather "okay I've parked, wasn't planning on having a drink, ended up drinking - will I be towed before the morning? Can I leave my car overnight? How many drinks are safe (aside from none as I already know that is safe).

And why don't they have some tests set up in the city for people to try it out themselves so they can see first-hand?

I wonder if MADD or those connected with this, have thought about how to make it safer for those of us who don't plan as carefully as we should. I sometimes just don't know what I might be doing this evening. And yes it might include a beverage or two.


I ran the simple test but then I discovered that in Quebec you can have .08 while in BC you can have .05.

For 2 drinks over a 3 hour period with a meal it was indicated that:

My blood alcohol content will be 31 mg/100 ml

You may drive legally

This graph shows how your blood alcohol concentration evolves over the course of an evening.

In Quebec, the legal limit for driving is 80 mg of alcohol per 100 ml of blood (.08). This applies to everyone except people driving with a probationary licence or learner's permit, in which case the legal limit is zero (0 mg). Nonetheless, it is always best to be sober whenever you get behind the wheel.

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