13 July 2010

Yoghurt - Yogurt - just make it gelatin free again please

This is just a minor small little request.
But it is one that is just annoying.
I try to follow a fairly healthy diet - limit processed foods, minimize genetically tinkered with foods, reach more for fruits, nuts, grains.

Here I am checked into Aloft near the Montreal airport.
Was also earlier at the Maple Leaf lounge.

Reached for the small $3.00 yogurt at Aloft. Put it back down. Has gelatin. I don't do boiled hoofs and bones.
Same in the Maple Leaf lounge. Small, free (well you paid for it somewhere along the way) but gelatin is an ingredients.

Come on hotels and airport lounges.
Can you not offer up a gelatin free yoghurt?

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