24 September 2010

Cost of hosting a BBQ pizza party

As I flip through my receipts I came across the major expenses for hosting a BBQ double-grilled pizza party for 40. Now this was a no-host bar and it was partially potluck since everyone was asked to bring on  topping (just one topping though many people seem compelled to bring more than one - but that is okay).

Your basic pizza:
Pasta sauce - $21 (and ended up with 9 jars left over - good organic tomato and basil that simmered for a few hours)
907 grams of Fleischmann's Dry Active yeast - $6 - I can be making bread  for several months and still have some left over but it is good until 2011.
A 10 kg bag of Rogers' Flour - $5.49 - used most of it
Delsio 2.3kg mozarella cheese block - $26
Feta Crumble $12
KS Olive oil $11
Your basic salad:
8 heads of romaine $8.00
Parmesan petals $14 (I'm sure this stuff was fake parmesan - just didn't have the sharpness I expected)
Whipped up the salad dressing from existing ingredients
Skipped the bacon and those dried out bread things
And finallly just a few other items for the table:
Enormous jar of pepper rings $4
Juice $9 - 4 liters
Coffee, free trade, organic $17 with $3 coupon discount
Cappers - 4 small jars $6
And dessert which never got made - A brownie mix with ingredients that I could understand $7

Pretty reasonable - mind you there are a lot of other hidden costs but  still not bad.

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