30 September 2010

Four hours too early at YYZ

Here it is the night before my Bday and I'm hanging out at Pearson airport with 4 hours to fill. Decided to check out the American Express Plaza (which is now the Premium Plaza - walk in for $35 or spend a lot for the delight of having a coloured credit card).

I was a little hungry and have already guessed that the food options over in the Maple Leaf lounge would be limited.  It is a small buffet but I had some linguine with marina sauce. Not bad - reminded me of spaghetti out of a can only with thicker noodles (kinda like comfort food when you've been on the road long enough), a mixed corn salad with an oil vinaigrette, cookies (nice and tasty) plus some other options I did not try like a mango chicken curry, BBQ pork rice and some soups.  

Checked out the wine but wasn't in the mood for a red and I'm not that keen on chardonnay wine these days (however I do give them a chance now and then as they seem to be improving or my taste buds are maturing).

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