20 September 2010

Dexterity to roll out dough

You came with Harin right? No hang on she came with M. I will check to
see if it is in the guest book or I will ask Micheal for it (she is a
seafood buyer and I'l like to chat with her a bit more - my own interest
in food you know). Kumar enjoyed chatting with you. And my sweetie Geoff
was a huge help (and so many people did pitch in).

On 19/09/2010 9:00 PM, harold R wrote:
> Thanks for the lovely evening ( as well as your friend) I know it
> takes a fair bit of work putting things together. Hopefully I will be
> able to reciprocate before we are all old and gray and don't have the
> dexterity to roll out the dough!!!!!
> Harold
> PS Have you by chance Harin's email

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