20 September 2010

What a hostess!

M & D: Thanks for the lovely chocoate (all gone all ready) and for
bringing smoked salmon (I know that also disappeared in a flash from the
table). Loved your write up in the guest book. And I was so glad Kim
could join us - she's just lovely.

The party was fun, I'm glad I hired some help (Kitana did a lot of clean
up the night before) but yet the next day we lost about 7 hours between
the two houses (do you know how many places pizza dough can hide in). I
don't know if you spent anytime at the front of the house but we had
this enormous tarp that we had put up - and thank goodness we did as the
rains did come down heavy. As one who does throw parties you know what
it takes - everything from smiling, chatting to checking on toilet paper
in the loo!

K's place is great for hosting parties and I'm lucky he is so generous
with me. When I get to my place I just look around wondering how in the
past I have had 60 to 70 people there. Yikes.

I'm off again next week. And then two weeks later. And on it goes.
Looking forward to a November gathering! And I will also pass Heather's
details onto you should you ever need helping hands.

On 19/09/2010 11:50 PM
> Hi Chris - A knock-out party, as is your standard! Wonderful guests, a
> stellar location (thanks to Kumar, who we wish to know better - and
> who MUST attend a vodka poop gathering), exceptional food...and how
> terrific it was to be able to re-acquaint ourselves with delightful
> people we have met before, and chat with others we haven't. Thank you
> thank you thank you. (Our darling daughter had a blast too...though
> rousing her this a.m. was a gentle affair!)
> I feel like you and I haven't sat and chatted in forever, but the few
> minutes we shared last night will have to suffice for now. We're going
> to do a poop night when we get our travels over with by November.
> Hope you survived, and the clean up didn't take every last bit of your
> unparalleled energy (of Geoff's!).
> Chat soon, I am determined.
> Thanks again.
> xox
> M

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