05 October 2010

Talk about an ugly look

My five years is up and I had to get a new licence/identification card
in BC.
Talk about ugly mug shots.

It used to be that when I showed my licence for a rental car
out-of-province people would comment on how gorgeous it was with the
view of the harbour behind it, a sunset and a photo of someone smiling.

Now the province has decided that we all need to look like we have been
arrested and have given us mug shots.

Whatever you do - DON'T SMILE

Sure they have enchaned it - its made out of longer-lasting, tamper
resistant material (which is what - plastic?)
It's got a barcode on it - not sure what that contains.
There is a laser engraved black and white photo - that is enchancing it?
There is a raised name and signature (and my signature is wierd enough -
ever try to get a good looking signature on those electronic boxes they
want you to sing on these days)
I'm now officially a hologram

And the tag line - BC - the best place on earth - welcome to your mug shot!

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