12 October 2010

Via rail tues 8.30 train

Highlights of our trip so far:
Our friend Chester dropping us off at Terminal station in Vancouver

The lovely ladies who took our bikes and luggage. Good sense of humour.

Found out that we didn't need to remove our bike pedals after we did it and no we did not need bike boxes.

We are in comfort class. Their term for economy class. The back of the bus applies in this case -- around 200 metres to get to our car.

We pack our own pillows and blankets as we are told there is an eight dollar surcharge. On board we get free pillows and blankets as they ran out of the packets.

Staff attitude. Could they be even less engaging save for one.

The dismal interior reminds me of Russian trains just before the collapse.

The bar on the overnight train closes at 9.30, why?

The plastic glasses you get your six dollar domestic beers cracked and poured into by the rather non engaging I would rather not be here employee who has had his job for thirty five years.

He was nicer on the second round once he realized that it was an honest mistake when we entered his realm.

The saga continues.
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