16 October 2010

Marmot Lodge - Breakfast at Embers

If you are staying on the far side of town (20 min. walk into Jasper) there are several places you can try out for breakfast - Marmot Lodge, Lobstick  Lodge, Amethyst Lodge or Chauteau Jasper - they all have the exact same menu.  Hopefully they don't play the same music - slow romantic cheesy pop - rather unbearable day after day (in fact minute after minute for my boyfriend). Food was decent. I

would not ride across town but I would walk across the parking lot
We had you basic coffee - they leave a coffee pot on the table.  And then selected two items.  The waffle was crispy and tasted decent enough, some syrup, blueberries (that had been heated - mind you they are end of season by now) and sliced strawberries).

Belgium Waffle $9
Old fashion iron skillet Belgium waffle topped with warm strawberries and a dollop of whipped cream
Mountain Park Bennies $14
Traditional Style: with Canadian back bacon All served traditionally on a English muffin with
poached eggs, hollandaise sauce & gs, home style fried potatoes

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