06 February 2011

Nico's evening mouthwash olives

Olives are a funny thing - I'm not sure when I started to actually like them. They are like many things in life that you start to appreciate as you get older. I sometimes still resort back to canned ones when I make olive paste but now I just hunt out all the wonderful varieties I find at the ethnic stores and farmer's markets. I still skip those offered out at Safeway and IGA since I have no idea of where they are coming from.

Stopped by the Vancouver Farmer's Market www.eatlocal.org and found my favourite olive stand - Dundarave Rave Olive Company My fav "Nico's Evening Mouthwash" - big plump olives hand-stuffed with blue cheese and caramelized onions.

I was meaning to enjoy them with some company but I don't think they are going to last more than 48 hours in the fridge. Right now they are next to my computer and I have enjoyed several as I write this post. $6.50 (with a $1.00 off on the weekend I was there since there was a Vancouver Farmer's Market special).

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