07 February 2011

Air Canada's quick and easy on-line city guides plus Enroutes Best Restaurants

I always like concise guides esp. when I'm in hurry (like the night before and I'm wondering why I didn't do a bit more research on my upcoming 3 day getaway). Air Canada has a collection of city guides that I will be checking out at: AC City Guides

The Vancouver City Guide have tabs on getting around, food and drink, activities and more. As of Nov 2017 it seems they have added more guides and details. The guides gives you a solid quick understanding of the basics of where you are heading. 

I think the one thinh I would have liked on the restaurant guide would have been stars to indicate if they had been past enRoute magazine restaurant award winners but fast forward to 2017 and I discovered that you can get that info right here for 2017 or https://canadasbestnewrestaurants.com/en/ - but it seems that they have links back to previous years like this one:  Best for 2015

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