14 September 2011

Less Toxic Guide Will Save You Money

One of my personal turn-offs when I check into a hotel is the smell of cleaning agents. I want everything clean - I just don't want to feel that I'm inhaling a chemical bath. I wish every hotel would check out a site like the  http://www.lesstoxicguide.ca for some useful ideas and interesting facts.

In my own home I can, and do, make the choice to reduce my dependency on these cleaners.
By making a few changes you can easily at least a couple of hundred dollars per year.

Growing up I did what the parents in my family did - used things like Drano drain cleaner, Lemon Pledge polish,  Lysol, and so many more cleaners and polishers. At the end I'm sure we just dumped them into some landfill in New Brunswick completely unaware of our actions.

The website is pulled together by the Environmental Health Association of Nova Scotia

Here is a sample of one of the  postings:

Far from freshening air, chemical-based air fresheners and deodorizers add dangerous chemicals to the air we breathe. 

Air fresheners work by using a nerve-deadening chemical that interferes with our sense of smell, by coating nasal passage with an oily film, by masking an offending odour with a different odour, or by deactivating the odour. 

What I do like is that they do give you alternatives that you can buy or make:

    Baking soda  in an open container will absorb odours in enclosed spaces.
    Zeolite, a mineral, will absorb odors as well as heavy metals
    Simmer water and cinnamon or other spices on stove.
    Place bowls of fragrant dried herbs and flowers in room.

    In homes without air exchange systems, open a window and run a central vacuum for a while to get fresh air in and stale air out.  Or put a fan in a window drawing air out, and open another window to increase air circulation.

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