08 April 2012

Images from East Hastings, Vancouver

I signed  up for a digital course with Pull Focus - it was great to get out and photograph the neighbourhood.  I got kicked out of Army and Navy as I was taking this photo. They have some great artifacts in the store and this was in the men's section.
I actually don't know if there is a window next to this sign but I liked the contrast of the setting.
A serious looking lock.
Love this image - again thanks for Army and Navy for the great window display.
Blowing dandelions.
St. Paul's Hospital is quite the distance from where this photo was taken near East Hastings (I might have been on East Hastings but I'm not quite sure).
I deplore cigarette smoking but for some reason I see some beauty in this shot. But when you read how toxic the butts are - quite smoking will you?  http://tinyurl.com/6r2gf9f

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