25 April 2012

The stuffed make up bag - 79 items

I've travelled coast to coast on a regular business basis for the past two decades.
You'd think that by now I would have it all down pat when it comes to packing up beauty aids.
Maybe if I just used those travel check lists that I make up, maybe if I actually read them, I would not end up with what I have this morning - 79 individual items.

It is Wednesday around 7:30 AM. I'm at the Royal Anne Hotel in Kelowna getting ready for a foodservice show. And for some reason, perhaps since travelling by car instead of plane I managed to pack the following:

  • 4 make up bags - two would suffice (one for luggage and another for carry-on).
  • Two containers of foundation (one full size; one that has been tranferred into a mini-container)
  • Hair gel and hair oil (for those fly-away strands)
  • Eight pencils - brow, lip and cheek and nail
  • Five mascaras (what was I thinking - where are the flash eyelashes)
  • Two body creams
  • Ear plugs (so essential but 5 - not 6, not 4 but 5)
  • Tweezers; Nail clippers x 2; Nail file
  • Eye make-up remover
  • Lipstick x 2
  • Eyebrow powder; eyeshadow palette x 2
  • Disposable shaver (borrowed from boyfriend); organic cotton swabs and puffs
  • Creme blush and stick blush
  • Sparkle eyeliner (weak moment at London Drugs for Lise Watier cosmetics) plus eyeliner
  • Hair clip x 2; hair pick; 2 brushes; 1 roller
  • Dental floss; two toothbrushes
  • Four tubes of toothpaste
  • Six containers of various moisturizers
  • Shampoo, container and detangler
  • Three face powders
  • Two empty containers
  • One crystal stick deodorant

At least I don't pack full size. Now I'm on a flight later today so I will pare it down.
And I will promise myself that I will take the time to read my check list before I leave the house.

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