25 April 2012

The Basic beauty essentials for the road trip

Due to the over-stuffed cosmetic kits that I packed a few days ago,
I'm going to pare down what I need for 3 days of business travel.
Let's see if I can get it down from the almost 80 list to just the

Two bags - one for my purse, one for my luggage

two toothbrushes and paste
face moisturizer and sunscreen
body lotion
hair oil, roller, pick and brush
tweezers, clippers, puffs, swabs, bandage
ear plugs
Face powder and foundation
Three pencils - lip, eyes, brow and nail
Eye liner
Lise Watier colour palette (you can use for lip, eye or blush if need be)

Shampoo, conditioner and detangler
(I could use the hotel provided ammendities but I'm trying to reduce the
amount of garbage I leave behind)

That should do it.

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