30 July 2012

Dinner Thursday July 26

Travelling and being on the road for business isn't all one thinks it
is. Thursday, July 27th landed in Canada' captiol city Ottawa - it is
still warm but a dampness and coolness is ever so slightly in the air.
My shuttle service Ottawa Shuttle is quick and ready to drive me to the
Bostonian on Maclarens. My stomach has been growling at me and I've got
hunger pains. I wander along Bank Street past the franchises, the pizza
joint and the pubs and do a big square until I am on Elgin Street.

One of those old fashioned fruit stores sits on the corner - Boushey's
Fruit Market. I grab a nice sized ripe Mexican Hass avocado, a lemon to
squeeze onto it (with the other half being planned for my morning
drink), a couple of salads that intrigured me. First from Contemporary
Cuisine a carrot cashew salad (carrots, roasted cashews, ginger, honey,
lemon juice, sea salt and pepper) - lovely, a zing of ginger, good mouth
feel, nice combo of carrots and cashews;
Some store packaged Taboulee - lots of parsley, tomato, lemon juice -
very satisfying - i would buy it again and finally some Summer Fresh
artichoke & Asiago Dip - I buy it in Ontario but not in BC where my home
is. I want my dips and salads made locally. Hmm, I should not have
looked at the ingredients - mayonnaise with canola oil (which I avoid as
much as I can); artichokes (second ingredient so that is good thing),
asiago cheese, sea salt, citric acid and spices. This is pretty decent -
nice taste, chunks of artichoke, that pungent taste of asiago. Pickup up
some miniature machine sized baby carrots that were shipped across many
states and provinces to land up on my dinner plate.

Overall pretty tasty and all for $15.00

Contemporary Cuisine contemporarycuisine@gmaillcom - 613-323-1147
Boushey's Fruit Market 348 Elgin Street 613-236-4482


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