30 July 2012

Friendly Ottawa Chick

We were cruising along some side street looking for a BIXI bike drop off
point and had just pulled off to check out our map. Amelia, a totally
cool chick, casually asked us if we needed directions. She pulled her
sunglasses up to show her eyes but not before I noticed that they were
an exact match for the dress she was wearing. And then she started to
recite her restaurant suggestions - and that is how we ended up at Union
on Somerset ("Turn right" she shouted as we pedalled off). Amelia (and
I do hope her I have her name right - she was off to a yoga class with
her mom). Geoff, my guy, thought that the looked great in her outfit -
the hair, the outfit and her attitude (not afraid to take chances). She
gave us a peek into who she was - and we liked her thoughts.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3:48 pm

    That's my cousin and her mum!!!