11 June 2013

AC flight - Saskatoon to Edmonton

Took one of those small Air Canada prop planes  that you walk out on the runway to get on. Think it might have been a Jazz Bombardier Dash 8-100 or a Dash 8-300 - anyhow I wish I had pulled out my ear plugs prior to getting on. Didn't think about it at all until it was too late (and I was just lazy but I was in a small seat and I had a seatmate - Dan - sitting next to me).

And right now I hesitate - was his name Dan? I think it was. A very engaging gentleman who watched me drool and snore for the first 25 minutes of the flight and then ended up having some conversation with me.

A diversion - a smelly one....
Oh god, I'm sitting in the AC lounge in Edmonton -I have a three hour layover. And my slip on shoes - that I got from Bronwyn in Brooklyn, NYC just slipped off. Thankfully no one is near me as my feet (or rather my foot) stinks.  Oh dear - how did that happen. I wonder if I can slip some a coffee filter in the show to absorb that stench.

And yet another diversion....
How can the Air Canada lounge offer up 3 white wines and two of them are chardonnay - I have a hate on for chardonnay. So strong that I am drinking the third white  - a Sumac Ridge Gewurztramier (Note: double dots over the u but I haven't taken the time to figure out how do to that). It is actually quite nice. But I digress - I will have to come back and explore my hate on with this grape.  And I think I will start with this piece - Reasons not to hate  - it is a write up on the Food Republic site and it looks like a good read.

Back to today's flight - Dan asked a lot of questions and I found myself rambling as I often did. He has a connection to education in the world of finance. Not an area I excel in at all but he seemed to cross that link from the boring world of facts and figures to the ability to actively participate in dialogue. We saw eye to eye on several matters - the intrusive nature of cell phones, smart phones, iphones - whatever electronic device you have kicking around in your pocket (and if you are a man reading this remove that phone from you gonads region - do you really want that much radiation, no minute, matter how  being pumped there?) to healthy eating (he was in good shape - slim, trim and watched what he ate) to hiking (it sounds like a fav activity for him and his wife).

So two things I want to remember - check out author Jonathan Tropper ((This is where I leave you) and hike Cathedral Lake Provincial Park (not to be confused with Cathedral Grove)

And we talked travel - here's a link to my Costa Rica file  - this goes to SmugMug - which is a photo hosting site. Still trying to figure out how it really works so hopefully this link is good for you.And otherwise here is a lovely monkey shot from one of my Picasa albums.

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