26 June 2013

WTF: Plastic glasses for $219.00 per night.

It’s funny – when you travel a lot – and what I mean by that is you don’t get excited by the freebie shampoos and soaps; you know that the prints on the wall are the same in every room and that if you are sensitive sleeper you are going to go around and cover the bottom of your “front door”  and cover the lights that you can – that beaming radio clock light, the tv light, the one of many emergency room lights (they do get a bit tricky when they are attached to the ceiling) –- otherwise the light just haunts you all night. And what happens is that you don’t notice the positives as much as the negatives.

Like my room is large, pleasant, on the main floor (no elevators or stairs for a change) and the check-in staff were lovely. 

Right now I’m highly perturbed that the Wingate by Wyndham hotel, room 110, 20/06/2013, Calgary Alberta has the audacity to give me plastic glasses by the plastic ice bucket and again in the bathroom. WTF?? Before taxes this large over-sized room is setting me back my $219.00 – thankfully parking is included and so is wireless (mine you that hasn’t worked in the last hour at 11:11 PM at this very moment.)

 Not only is the price outrageous for plastic but there are all these attempts at being “green” – you know the Card on pillow = change the sheets (we’ll change your  sheets every three days and at check out – good to know since at check out I won’t be in that bed anymore!)

Or the towels are white …our policy is green. So is that why I have plastic glasses as my only option?

I think breakfast is included in the room charge. I wonder if it will be all plastic and syrofoamed?  (I don’t think that is a word but what the heck).

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