04 July 2013

Heart of the City Festival - this autumn

Timer is set for 10 minutes - once again trying to get away from my never ending e-mail box. I need a brain break. I can see the basket that I need to attack right now. What riches will I find? Or will I wonder why I am still holding onto .....whatever it might be.

I've just pulled out an old program to www.heartofthecityfestival.com  - I love festivals but it always seems I'm a day late. So now I have decided to follow this event on both twitter and facebook. It is all about workshops, open houses, panel discussions, music, and benefits. There seemed to be so much to discover - History on the Verge - shining light on our old east end houses with James Johnstone; guided meditation workshop at Radha Yogg; documentary films;and more - all based in the downtown eastside. So now I'm in front of the curve. This reminds me of the photos I took at Pull Focus - http://flic.kr/s/aHsjyQvtyS
Any favourites?

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