26 August 2013

How annoying can Yahoo email actually be???

It must be me.

When I sign into one of my yahoo email accounts it is just brutal.
I have signed in again and again and again.
I try to access my Flickr account which I pay for (and from the looks of
all the free space they are now passing out I wonder just what I am
paying for).
Come on people - I just want to get to my Flickr account and upload
photos. Why are you making it so darn difficult.

I have asked to reset my password with my secret questions and they
refuse me.
I have asked that they email my alternative address and within minutes
of getting access to reset my password they tell me I must wait for 24
hours before I can ask again. WTF????

Then suddenly I see I am signed in and I wonder why was I just presented
with a screen telling me I can't get there.
They want me to clear my cache and nada nada nada.

They want my passwords to have upper and lower case and nada nada nada.

I have signed in from remote computers in remote countries like Finland
and it just gets worse.
No I do not want to resign in and verify who I am and when I was born
and my phone number or whatever stupid questions you are asking me.
Not when I have finally had success getting on line and I have a total
of 10 minutes to what I need to do so that I can get off and get on that
next train, plane or bus that does not have an internet connection.

And NO I don't want a profile. Go away. I want my emails and access to
my flickr account.
Am I asking too darn much.

All I know if that I have had it up to my ying yang with bloody secret
codes and pictures to determine I am not a robot; no simple way to merge
accounts; over the top security that just wastes my time and keeps me
from being productive.

I thought that if I paid for services that the response rate would be
better for me.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.

They tell you to contact customer service and then they whip your tush
into the endless limbo world of trying to find your own answer.

Have they ever even looked at how questions are asked so that at least
you would have a half a chance of getting the answer you need.

All I know is that I need to take out several hours at some distant day
and just streamline my dealings with Yahoo

And now come to think about it - it seems that the accounts services
that I pay for actually give me greater grief.

Hmm, I will have to ponder that.

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