19 March 2014

How much waste?

I'm taking a flight from Seattle to Kelowna, BC and I decided I would have one last morning cup of coffee. (Cut-off time for me is noon - not sure what you do but after that hour I'm pretty useless with caffeine). I'm got a lot of trash happening on my tray - plastic containers using half and half; some foil wrapping on the cinnamon bagel chips and pretzels (which I'm giving back as a quick look at the ingredients showed partially hydrogenated oils, canola oil and corn syrup all being used - I avoid these) and a plastic like cup - "the white cup is now green" - made from fully recycled and recyclable materials. It might be better than styrofoam (which Air Canada serves their coffee in) but hot coffee in plastic (or whatever this material is) is well just not my cup of tea. I'm not sure what elements are being pulled out of this cup into my coffee but I do know heat doesn't play nicely with plastic.

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