16 March 2014

No wrecking ball soon at 63 year old theatre

I'm trying to do a tidy up in my office and I came across a piece in the
Vancouver Courier dated Friday, March 16, 2012 dated with the title of
this post. I guess sooner came sooner than I thought. We are now one
year since that article was published. The theatre, bowling alley,
restaurants, book, insurance, yoga and hardware businesses are now all
gone and in its place will be 55 two to three bedroom condos and a
22,000 square foot commercial space that they are hoping will be filled
by a grocer. Which I find odd as the various formats from low discount
grocers to high end ones haven't worked in the past - and with a
Safeway, IGA, Choices and Greens all within reasonable distances I'm not
so sure if they can have a successful operation move in there - maybe if
they figured out the flow of traffic - parking was never a problem but
trying to get in and out of that lot with the lights, turning
restrictions, road barriers made it virtually impossible to get to the
business unless you were very adept at remembering the correct way in
and out.

Anyhow I ramble - I wonder what happened to the Ridge Neon sign -
perhaps it was sold or maybe it will show up at the MOV. It is always
with a bit of sadness when I see distinct elements erased from my
neighbourhood. Cressey is redeveloping the area and the article states
they have done hundreds of projects throughout the lower mainland. I
don't know if I have noticed their work before but I do know that there
is a sameness creeping into Vanccouver - kinda like lego land without
the cool little features.

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