02 July 2014

Getting to and from Mayne Island in Vancouver BC

Flash back to July 2014.  Check out the the photos by clicking onto the read more button below. Girlfriends and I had just returned from a four day weekend on Mayne island off the coast of Vancouver.  We were lucky enough to get on a BC ferry where Mayne Island was the first stop. It's been a long time since I have been on one of the BC ferries and sometimes the journey can take a long time.  BC ferries now have terminals where you can insert your credit card and get your one-way ticket.  For some reason they  will not actually sell you a return ticket to the Island which I found interesting. Not sure if that is still the case in 2017. Maybe I'll try to get to one of the island this year and find out what the differences are. 

Did you know they can limit the number of walk on passengers that they accept? That is a little insane. And they also have a 10 minute cut off rule. Great for those who are always on time but that gene seemed to have missed my body. I'm always barreling through hoping to make the deadlines. I try everyday to get ahead of the game but I always feel like I'm playing catch up. That is one of the reasons I like to travel with people. They help to keep me on time. 

We arrived rather late to Mayne Island as it was getting dark. The best thing was the community taxi-shuttle (since there is no taxi service) that you could take. And while we were only a 15 minute walk we had enough booze, clothes and shoes to warrant this ride (which was by donation by the way - way better than Uber or any paid service - I hope this is still the case on Mayne Island.).  Our driver was lovely and other riders on the shuttle were able to direct us to our place (which was on loan to us via a friend of a friend).

The only tricky part was keeping our luggage secure as it just wanted to dance in the aisles with every corner we took. Thankfully Laura managed to keep them all in control!

Laura is hanging onto our luggage to make sure it didn't become a runaway mess!
There is something so very calming about being on water.

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